22 Feb 2010

Mitchell the Vampire I Fancy The Pants Off You.

What comes next has nothing to do with the delectable Mitchell/Aidan Turner. I feel it is important to declare my longing for him though. :)

I found this on Facebook and I rather liked it.
10 things you wish you could say to 10 different people right now:
1) I really quite fancy you, and I'd quite like you to reciprocate that.
2) I know it's not your fault he likes you and not me, and I'm sorry that when I see you I can't help but think 'BITCH' in my head.
3) I really want to be here for you now. And I think you're doing a lot better. And you're still one of my very faveourite people.
4) Blow your nose, please.
5) If I had to pick, you'd probably be my very faveourite. Thankyou for being so wondeful to me. I'm sorry I was horrible when we were 13. I don't know if I'll ever properly forgive myself.
6) I'm ever so sorry that I couldn't be there for you when I should have been.
7) I love you very much, but sometimes I have no idea how we can be related.
8) Sometimes I get scared you're slipping away from me, but then you hug me and I know that you're not. You give the best hugs.
9) You're not as pretty as you think you are.
10) I'm sorry I havn't spoken to you since you were diagnosed. I just don't know what to say to you. I'm really, really scared that by the time I grow up enough to phone, it will be too late.

18 Feb 2010

It's a blue, bright blue, Saturday.

I went to Scotland for a few days. It was beautiful. Sometimes the sea and the sky were the same color and you couldn't tell which was which, like the vanishing point.

9 Feb 2010

I Knew Before The Invitation That There Was This Boy.

I twisted the Arctic Monkeys lyrics for that title.

There is this boy, you see.

I'd forgotten how nice it is just to fancy someone, and when you talk to them or smile at them your heart to do a pretty little trip over itself.

It's dead nice :)