26 Sep 2009


JK Rowling is on twitter. 

Seriously.  Call me a nerdy little fan-girl, but I just did a little scream-squeal when I discovered.  She says she probably won't update, but I DON'T CARE.  I can follow my idol on twitter.

She's got special font on her name as a sign of my admiration.  Yeah. 



22 Sep 2009

Sugar daddy but he's just a Munter.

Those are the kind of lyrics that pepper Mika's new album, that particular gem can be found on "Good Gone Girl", which is shaping up to be my faveourite track.  I'm also in love with "I See You."  There's something about the way he sings it that makes it sound so... haunting, I guess. 

And, I love Mika so much that I went totally Old School.  I actually bought it, not downloaded it or got someone else to copy it for me, but went to HMV, picked it up and bought it.  I know.  Radical.

I love having it in my hands, even though if I'd have bought it on iTunes I'd have got bonus tracks.  But it's good.  It's better than good, it's great.  I loved how he kept the Life in Cartoon Motion elements, but kind of upgraded them.  He is a genius =]


21 Sep 2009


I have, a new blog =]

This one is all about my impending trip to Russia with my school.  I'll probably be wanting to post about it a lot, so I created a whole blog about it.  It will, I hope, be a travel-ly version of this one, featuring interesting facts, funny remarks, my fears, my hopes, my excitement. 

Come and take a look, if you like this, I'm pretty sure you'll like that too =]


20 Sep 2009

In any other world, You could tell the difference.

I suspect that this has been one of those weeks where I'll look back and think: "Yep, that was a decider."

It has been a tough week. Most nights I've been too exhausted to cry myself to sleep, even though that's what I've wanted too do.

School is hard. And I was really, really considering quitting and going for this job at my Dad's old company. £13,000 a year and my Mum said she'd get me a flat if I took it. Tempting. Horribly, horribly, tempting...

So yesterday I had totally hit this brick wall, and I just thought: "I cannot do this for two years." this being homework, being living for the weekends and merely suviving Monday thru Thursday, being tired all the time. Then, I reconsidered.

I am not a quitter. I really am not. I don't have a history of giving things up because they're too hard. It's not how I was raised. It doesn't conform with my "What Would [insert current faevourite book character here] Do?" way of thinking.

So I'm not gonna quit because I have a bit too much work.

Then, I had bad news about a family member. That knocked me for six, and I'm not hugely ready to deal with it all yet.

But, on the upside, I'm going to Russia. Real Russia. The Russia of my imaginings. The Russia of my childhood dreams. In March, with my school.


Stress, sadness and joy. It has been a tiring week.

13 Sep 2009



Please. PleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePLEASE.

But if you must go, do it with The Master. & Bernard Cribbins. & Snog John Barrowman. & with all the things I've heard about.

I love you!! && I love Russel T Davies.
[and I met him. And he called me pretty.]

12 Sep 2009

You used to get it in your FISHNETS.

I'm going to see The Arctic Monkeys!!!

My friend had a spare ticket, so I payed her £40, a bucket of salty popcorna nd a bus ticket.

Which is apparently the price of a concert ticket these days.


Ode To Cotton

Wearing my white cotton sundress again today.

Bought it at the start of the summer from Topshop, for £40, and the cost-per-waer must be about 10p by now.

I keep thinking it's the last time I'll wear it but... it always surprises me.

11 Sep 2009

That Was The Week That Was.

I'm going to see Dorian Gray tomorrow!

It looks pretty damn amazing, and I cannot wait =]
My friend who I'm going with has been tricked into going with me by Ben Barnes. I think she'd watch paint dry if Ben Barnes was there.
I'll tell you how it was, tomorrow.
And, in case you're interested, today was a much better day.

10 Sep 2009


I'm exhausted. And I'm not sleeping properly.

After two days at a new school, I've got to say that my first day was TERRIBLE. I came home pretty sure I wouldn't last the week.

Today was better, though.

And English Lit looks like it's going to be my faveourite. Othello, The Kite Runner, A Street Car Named Desire, The Great Gatsby, Keats and Hardy.

Yes Please.

And, a nice boy in my lit class & tutor. Whose reading pretty much the same books as me.

Now. How do I get his number?

8 Sep 2009

The Dice Were Loaded From The Start.

Tomorrow, I start my brand new school.

I. Am. Dreading. It.

But, in a kind of detactched, apathetic way, because part of me is still thinking: "What? Me? Going to school tomorrow? Nah."

I've been so unstructured for so long, I don't no how I'm gonna deal with a 8:45am - 4pm day. With, you know, actual bells and stuff. And an alotted time for lunch. What if I want to eat my sandwhich at 11am? I won't be able too, because the teacher will be very annoyed.

The one fabby things about 6th form, though, is that we have a little cafe bit, which means that we get to order hot things like tea.

Ah, tea.

It might just be what gets me through the next two years of my life.

Wish me luck!

7 Sep 2009

Writing a CV is...


Very Stressfull.

3 Sep 2009

Spin Me Faster, Like A Kalidescope.

Have just come back from a holidaying with friends in the Lake District. My Friends sister came along too, and got us all totally addicted to this song.


I was singing it all the way around Blackpool Pleasure Beach, where I totally and completely lost my fear of rides by going on:
1. Bling Bling (totally amazing)
2. Infusion (shit scary)
3. The Pepsi Max (Biggest rollar coaster in Europe. Felt Like It.)

We also went to see The Time Travallers Wife in the ODDEST cinema ever. It had an interval.

I had the best time.