25 Jun 2009

I'm running away with the circus.

I'm going to run away with the circus.

This is not, infact, a pipe dream. There really is a circus pitched up just outside my hometown, and the brightly colored big-top looks particularly tempting after yesterday. I went to my new school's (grade-dependant) induction day yesterday and it really stressed me out. I loved my A-Level subjects: English Lit, English Lang, History, Re. They all sounded really my sort of thing. I mean, in Lit we get to do Hamlet. HAMLET!! I practically know that play off-by-heart. And this bit called 'Elements of the Gothic' where we read Shelley and Dracula and Wuthering Heights (my pretty-much favourite book). I'm not so keen on the school, however. It was all higgledy-piggledy & all over the place, and the teachers did not seem very interesting or inspiring. And, there was just something about the school that I didn't like. The vibe was odd.
& my mum was really dissapointed by my reaction, 'cuz she thought I was going to love it. When I came home, she was standing at the door all buzzed, and I just said "yeah, it was allright." Because that's all I could say to her. Thats all it was.

And so, I would totally being weighing up my options right now, if I had any. But that school is my only option, I didn't apply anywhere else. How foolish of me. Worst mistake I've ever made.
But, the thing is, I do have another option: the circus thing.

I know I can't jump through hoops or eat fire or swing from a giant trapeze, but I can sell tickets. All you need to do is get people to buy them; and I can do that. All I need to do is bat my eye-lashes a bit and voila, tickets sold. I've done it before (all beit not for a circus, for a charity thing) and I can do it again. I'll be like Carlotta in 'Mr. Galliano's Circus'. [I love that book, my Dad used to read it to me & I would long to be like Jimmy & Carlotta.]

D'you see? I've got it all worked out.

My Best Friends Birthday

It was my best friends 16th today, and she's decided to do domething very grown up to mark this rite of passage...
She's going to the Safari Park. That's why I love her.
So, apart from her actual present (a Lolita Martini Glass, google them, they make great presents) I facebooked her lots of different pictures of whimsical cakes. We like whimsy. She liked the cakes.

What is this life, If full of care?

Well, Hi.
I feel kind of awkward, not having ever done anything quite like this before. It feels terribly self-indulgent for a girl whose never even written a diary. I'm not sure my little musings deserve a corner of the internet, but, here goes. I guess, that's what this will be. My thoughts on... stuff. Sometimes, I hope, they will be interesting, irreverent, thoughtful. Perhaps even thought-making, if you're lucky.
So, now we've made our little introductions, I'll get on with the rest of this. I hope you find me intriguing enough to follow. If you do, introduce yourself. I'd like it. I like to hear people's opinions on things, even better if they differ from my own.
Welcome, dear friends. Come on in.