22 Mar 2010

I'm going to have your baby -

- just in time for the election, it appears.
Yes, Samantha Cameron is pregnant. Good timing? Good luck? Good PR? I'm cynical, I suppose, but I do have a feeling this was very well-timed (or at the very least well-released). Fits right in with Mr David I'm-a-family-man Cameron's image.
Interestingly, I wonder if it might just lose him votes. You know, new Father - up at all times of the night, lack of sleep, post-pregnancy hormonal wife...
Except, of course it won't. Because people don't assume these things will affect a new-father at all. MEN are NEVER asked at job interviews whether or not they plan on having children soon. Now, I'm not opposed to women being asked this question (within reason), but I see no reason men of a 'certain age' shouldn't be asked it too.
Well, as I am a politically aware 16 year old who is longing to vote in the election, and will therefore be theoretically casting my vote along with eligible people, this is something which will go into my considerations.
Oh, and, congratulations and all that.

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  1. Seems we're on a wavelength today, Charlotte. See my post: How Far are They Prepared to Go? And before you get too excited about voting, you just might want to have a look at Our Democratic Duty in January. Your choice, of course.