10 Apr 2010


I really haven't felt up to blogging this holiday. My first real expieriance with the death of someone that I really cared about has not helped.

Anyway. This is what I did today:

I listened to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows all day in the garden shed, and then I wrote 'Protego!!' on my hand. And when my Mother was mocking me about me tripping over something I shouted "Protego!" held my hand up to her face and said "I'm protecting myself from your sarcasm!"

And now we're watching Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and my Dad said (about Narcissa Malfoy) "She's Malfoys wife isn't she?" and I said "Yes she is, and she's sister with Bellatrix and their other sister is Tonks' Mum Andromeda, but she married a muggleborn and got disowned." Then my Dad just looked at me and I said "Sorry, did I get an attack of the obsessives?" And Mum said "You probably know more about their family tree than your own."

Harry Potter Rules, Okay?

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