25 Jun 2009

I'm running away with the circus.

I'm going to run away with the circus.

This is not, infact, a pipe dream. There really is a circus pitched up just outside my hometown, and the brightly colored big-top looks particularly tempting after yesterday. I went to my new school's (grade-dependant) induction day yesterday and it really stressed me out. I loved my A-Level subjects: English Lit, English Lang, History, Re. They all sounded really my sort of thing. I mean, in Lit we get to do Hamlet. HAMLET!! I practically know that play off-by-heart. And this bit called 'Elements of the Gothic' where we read Shelley and Dracula and Wuthering Heights (my pretty-much favourite book). I'm not so keen on the school, however. It was all higgledy-piggledy & all over the place, and the teachers did not seem very interesting or inspiring. And, there was just something about the school that I didn't like. The vibe was odd.
& my mum was really dissapointed by my reaction, 'cuz she thought I was going to love it. When I came home, she was standing at the door all buzzed, and I just said "yeah, it was allright." Because that's all I could say to her. Thats all it was.

And so, I would totally being weighing up my options right now, if I had any. But that school is my only option, I didn't apply anywhere else. How foolish of me. Worst mistake I've ever made.
But, the thing is, I do have another option: the circus thing.

I know I can't jump through hoops or eat fire or swing from a giant trapeze, but I can sell tickets. All you need to do is get people to buy them; and I can do that. All I need to do is bat my eye-lashes a bit and voila, tickets sold. I've done it before (all beit not for a circus, for a charity thing) and I can do it again. I'll be like Carlotta in 'Mr. Galliano's Circus'. [I love that book, my Dad used to read it to me & I would long to be like Jimmy & Carlotta.]

D'you see? I've got it all worked out.

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