25 Jun 2009

What is this life, If full of care?

Well, Hi.
I feel kind of awkward, not having ever done anything quite like this before. It feels terribly self-indulgent for a girl whose never even written a diary. I'm not sure my little musings deserve a corner of the internet, but, here goes. I guess, that's what this will be. My thoughts on... stuff. Sometimes, I hope, they will be interesting, irreverent, thoughtful. Perhaps even thought-making, if you're lucky.
So, now we've made our little introductions, I'll get on with the rest of this. I hope you find me intriguing enough to follow. If you do, introduce yourself. I'd like it. I like to hear people's opinions on things, even better if they differ from my own.
Welcome, dear friends. Come on in.

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