28 Jul 2009

Mine's a Shirley.

My faveourite drink is a Shirley Temple.

I can really only drink them when I go to America, because when you ask for them here barmen tend to grunt and shrug in the negative. But, today, I found some Grenadine in lovely Sainsbury's, and Mom bought some cocktail cherries, so tonight I'll treat myself to one. Yum.

Charlotte's Recipie for a Shirley Temple.

1. Get a tall glass. Not a wine glass.

2. STUFF it full of icecubes.

3. Pour Grenadine into the bottom of the glass (over the ice). Put about as much in as if you were making squash.

4. Fill the rest of it with Ginger Ale. (This can be substituted for Lemonade or 7-Up)

5. Put 3 (3 or more) cocktail cherries into the glass. You should eat the first one after you've had the first sip, the second one in the middle of the drink and the last one at the very end, so it's all filled up with Grenadine goodness.

6. Drink through a straw. And enjoy.

Try it, honestly, it's soooo good.

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