8 Sep 2009

The Dice Were Loaded From The Start.

Tomorrow, I start my brand new school.

I. Am. Dreading. It.

But, in a kind of detactched, apathetic way, because part of me is still thinking: "What? Me? Going to school tomorrow? Nah."

I've been so unstructured for so long, I don't no how I'm gonna deal with a 8:45am - 4pm day. With, you know, actual bells and stuff. And an alotted time for lunch. What if I want to eat my sandwhich at 11am? I won't be able too, because the teacher will be very annoyed.

The one fabby things about 6th form, though, is that we have a little cafe bit, which means that we get to order hot things like tea.

Ah, tea.

It might just be what gets me through the next two years of my life.

Wish me luck!

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