22 Sep 2009

Sugar daddy but he's just a Munter.

Those are the kind of lyrics that pepper Mika's new album, that particular gem can be found on "Good Gone Girl", which is shaping up to be my faveourite track.  I'm also in love with "I See You."  There's something about the way he sings it that makes it sound so... haunting, I guess. 

And, I love Mika so much that I went totally Old School.  I actually bought it, not downloaded it or got someone else to copy it for me, but went to HMV, picked it up and bought it.  I know.  Radical.

I love having it in my hands, even though if I'd have bought it on iTunes I'd have got bonus tracks.  But it's good.  It's better than good, it's great.  I loved how he kept the Life in Cartoon Motion elements, but kind of upgraded them.  He is a genius =]


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