24 Jul 2010

I love the BT Family.

I mean, they've been in my life since 2005. I've seen the begginings of Adam and Jane's relationship, the difficulties they've come through with her children, the problems with Adam having a job far away, the moving house, the proposal... and now mabye the baby!

You might see this as sarcastic, but I genuinely get warm fuzzies at the BT adverts. Now they're asking us to decide wether Jane is pregnant or not. Personally, I want her to be preggers. On the BT website that's how I've voted. I also quite like the suggestion made by 'Princessannie':

"Jane should be pregnant...then on her hen night (a weekend away in center parks norfolk) go into labour one-month early. Adam (who is in Newquay on his stag do) gets a flight from Newquay to London Stanstead and a taxi to west suffolk hospital (bury st. edmonds) keeping in touch by phone, and get there just in time to see his baby born!"

Maybe I'm to into this... but then again, 'Princessannie' probably is too.

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