11 Jul 2010

I'm making no apologies for not blogging in a while.

(Well, except this one.)

The last couple of months have been hectic. I had my AS exams, which went from okay to very badly. We'll see how that goes on August 19th. Then I've had The Four Week Plan at school, and endless university open days and lots of time spent discussing my future with my father. I've been doing a lot of shitfs at work - I need the money. My summer is an expensive one.

This week - I'm in Manchester doing work expeiriance at a top law firm. While I am looking forward to this I know I'm just going to be exhausted.
The Friday I get back - I'm working 8pm till midnight to prepare for the Next sale. Then I go back in at 5am the next day, and working till midday. The Sunday I'm doing a 10:30/4:30.
The Monday after - Community Day at school. Bleugh.
The Tuesday - Sports Day. I'll probably skive.

Then I get a few weeks at home, before I go to France with my friend at the end of July - which should be brilliant and relaxing and fun. I get back for half a week before spending a week in London with my freind Abi, where we're going on an English Lit course. They're taking us to the theatre and teaching us old english and we're going on the open top bus. It should be good, too.

I'm looking forward to my summer.

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