16 Nov 2009

Blind Eyes Could Blaze Like Meteors...

I watched Doctor Who last night, and I went to bed shaking.
I was that scared.  I'm not even lying.
It wasn't the monster that made me so scared, even though they were very odd, it was The Doctor.  The Doctor not being The Doctor, the Doctor breaking all the rules and doing things that aren't right just because he can.  The Doctor thinking he has that power.  The Doctor talking about 'little humans'
Basically The Doctor going a little bit Master on us. 
And that wasn't right, and so, for once, I was releived when he got outsmarted.  When Adelaide shot herself,  I was so releived, because that showed he hadn't got absoloute power.  That he couldn't.
But then... at the end, when he realised he'd gone to far, and he thought his death was coming...
Jesus.  The Doctor scared?  The Doctor being faced with his own mortality? 
That freaked me too.  Freaked me so bad.
I mean, I'm a 16 year old, and if I was that affected by that, what if you were 6?  You tell a little boy or girl that this man is right, and he does the right thing and he's good, and then you show them that?  How much of that would they get?  Maybe I'm underestimating their powers of comprehension, but I think RTD forgot he was writing for a 7'0'Clock show.
And The Ood are back.  I hate the Ood, I had nightmares about them.  I know they are, essentially, good, but when they got possesed... Ugh. 
It was nigh-on perfectly written though.  Really exceptional, I mean, the beauty of it made my heart ache.  The scene with The Doctor walking away and listening to that destruction gave me shivers.  That bit with the 3 knocks literally made my heart stop.
David Tennant.  He was chilling.  He may be is the best actor I have ever seen.  The way he can change the mood in houses up and down the country, merely with his eyes.  Matt Smith has a helluva job on his hands.  I can't imagine anyone could produce a better preformance.  The horror of the 10th Doctor facing his mortality and being terrified was... sad.  It was as if everything that has happened to him was finally breaking him.  Like he was finally stopping running.
I can't wait for Christmas.

[Title courtesy of the genius that is Dylan Thomas.]

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