14 Nov 2009

Lovers Who Turn Into Mothers Who Turn Into...?

I read an article in The Times this morning that made me feel angry, and I thought: I'll blog about it. This may be a bit of an incomprehensible rant, but I won't make a habit of it.

This teacher at an all-girls school said that girls should be taught that they can't have everything - everything being a career and children.
Leaving aside the point that MAYBEjust maybe not all women want children (I know, a reveloutionary thought), and maybe there ARE more things to life than getting a job and then getting married,  I was livid.
How DARE this woman put limitations on me?
How DARE she tell me what I can and can't do, merely because I have breasts?
How DARE she tell girls in her care that they have to pick between things that are considered a Basic Human Right?
This is where me and my mother disagree - she's a diehard 1950's housewife and I am a diehard feminist/suffragist.  But not in 'all-men-are-bastards-lets-kill-'em' way.  Sometimes (like this time) I'm all too patently aware that women's biggest enemy is other women.  And despite the fact that that is sad, it's expected.  I don't really beleive in the sisterhood. 

But I do believe in ME.

I bloody well can have everything, and I'll try my hardest to make every other I ever know girl feel the same way.

So Screw You.

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