6 Nov 2009

My Extreme Clumsiness.

I am horrifically clumsy.  At least twice a day I will stumble over and my best friend Alice will catch me and cry "You have weak ankles!"  I recently made a new friend, and the first time I tripped and skinned my knees (I do this regularly) and she was really shocked and concerned as the blood dribbled from my scrape, but me and Alice just laughed and carried on walking.
I do have weak ankles though, I've broken one twice and the other one once, and sprained them both badly.  In a way it's not a joke at all, it's paniful and they hurt and when I get old I'm going to get bad arthiritus.  But yesterday, I was walking down the stairs from my tutor and fell slap down the stairs and cracked my shin on the concrete.
And when I say ow I mean explietive-yelling-trying-not-to-cry ow.  I heard it crack for God's sake.  But I didn't bother reporting it, because I'm always doing things like that.
Except, I sat in my lesson terrified that I was going to go faint or vomit because the pain was so bad.  By the end of the day I was limping, and it had swollen to a ridiculous size.  tHen, when I went to bed last night I could NOT stop shaking.  I felt all strange and out-of-place, as if someone had spun me around and dropped me someplace foreign.  When I woke up this morning I couldn't eat anything.  Mom thinks it's delayed shock or summit, and when she went down to the school to tell 'em I wasn't going in they said I had to go and fill out an 'accident report' as a matter of urgency on Monday.
I get a day off school.
And a swollen shin.
And no homework.
But some catching up to do.
I'm going off to watch St. Trinians in a moment or two.

(I was going to post a picture of my injury, but then I realised that if I was reading a blog where someone posted a picture of their busted-up shin, I'd think they were pretty weird.)

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