25 Nov 2009

In my other life.

I am a ballet dancer.  This girl who (in my mind) is me and isn't me is a wonderful, beautiful ballet dancer.  I am taller and I am gracefull and I am thin and I spend all of time looking elegant in leggings and pretty little ballet flats and hoodies.
I'm a bit obsessed with ballet - mainly because I was one of few girls who never did it when they were little.  Once I hit 10 I did my fair share of Modern Jazz and Tap, but by then it was too late for ballet.  So when we used to do our big show-case things at my old dance school, I used to stand in the wings and watch how amazing the ballet dancers looked. 
I've been to see quite a lot of ballet, and still find it transfixing (December 12th - The Nutcracker yay!), and I devour ballet books.  I think it's the elusive quality to that world that makes me want to find out as much as I can about it.  Granny Dan by Danielle Steele is a very good one - for the record.
There is something quite magical about watching ballet.  The dancers are so completely in control of themeselves and their bodies.  I envy that.  They look a little bit closer to perfect than normal human beings.
So when I grow up, and if I ever decide I want a child, I'm going to make them do ballet. 
Then they'll be just like the girls in my ballet books.

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