7 Dec 2009

All the drunks they were singing...

Fairytale of New York.
My faveourite Christmas Song EVER.
Especially when I come from my big Irish family, when me and my mum and my Aunties and Nan sing it - loudly, and off-key.

It's just such a good song - especially the eminently yellable "Merry Christmas your arse I pray God it's our last."
I share this opinion with Alice, so together we made the following video for your dellectation. We were supposed to be revising, and (worryingly) we wern't even the tiniest bit drunk. She was Kirsty Maccoll, and I was Shane McGowan (I have a lower voice.)

Enjoy Darlings!

I'm having to post the link because I can't get the stupid video uploaded. You should probably take a look though. It is highly amusing.

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