13 Dec 2009

A Blast From My Past.

I have obsessions. Dunno if I've mentioned that yet.
It's why I'll never smoke, do drugs, or get rip-roaring drunk every night, because I have an addictive personality. I mean, I will get hooked on things, and for a short burst of time (maybe a month, sometimes a few) it will be all I can talk or think about. When people aren't talking about it I sit and think about how I can bring it back into conversation. Basically I'm sad.
I've been obsessed with:-
Harry Potter - specifically Tonks and Lupin (I love them. I measure men by Remus Lupin's standards. That's how sad I am.)
The Chronicles of Ancient Darkness
Being Human
Doctor Who + David Tennant
Robin Hood.
My Robin Hood obsession peaked at series 2, and I remember I counted down the minutes and hours until the grand finale. This obsession was feuled by a certain Will Scarlett, played by Harry Lloyd, and I became fixated on wether his secret love for Djaq (the cool, feisty girl character who was Marion's (ugh) antithesis. I loved Djaq's character - thought she was wonderful,) would be revealed and reciprocated, or wether the louder and more confident Allan-A-Dale would unwittingly steal her from him...
I think you're getting the idea.
So I talked about him and I googled him and I did other fan-girly things and when he left the show I cried for hours (literally. no kidding.) and then the obsession moved on and he was left in My Past.
But when I opened the Sunday Times this morning, and innocently turned a page...

"He might be better known as Will Scarlett, Nottingham's prettiest outlaw in BBC's Robin Hood, but Lloyd caused quite a stir in the West End revival of A View From The Bridge - and is set to do the same in his next role as a rent boy in The Little Dog Laughed, which openes at the Garrick in January."
I loved that: Nottingham's prettiest outlaw. (He is too.)
And I felt all giggly again, and I got a bit flustered and I'm pretty sure I blushed, just like I used to when he came on the TV on a Saturday Night. And I decided I want to go and see The Dog That Laughed (which may be difficult).
And it made me want to look at a youtube video that I haven't seen in a long time...

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