31 Oct 2009

The Trauma of TV.

I cried on Wednesday.
I cried on Thusday.
I cried yesterday.
Each time I cried was because of a television programme.  That may be making you shake your heads in disgust at me and 'my generation', but, seriously.  It was sad.  A bit more than sad, actually.

On Wednesday Waterloo Road was back for a new series.  Now, I used to love this programme because Waterloo Road was like a more extreme version of my school.  We even had the gun scare.  Waterloo Road was like AHSTC because all the pupils went around saying it was crap to eachother, but the second someone from another school said it, they were like "hang on a second..."  It was just like that.  And this series, loads of snobby kids have come to the school, and they all look down on the Waterloo Road pupils, and thats how I feel at the Grammar.  So I sat and sobbed about how much I miss my old school.  It was very upsetting. 

On Thursday it was the Sarah Jane Adventures, where I cried merely because I knew that David Tennant's time as The Doctor was coming to an end.  Actually, now I think about it, this one was a bit patheticYou can shake your head if you like.

On Friday it was Part 2 of The Sarah Jane Adventures.  I cried because it was genuinely sad.  Poor Sarah Jane had to tell this man she was in love with that he was actually dead.  It was so sad - and Elizabeth Sladen did a perfect bit of acting.  Then I cried because The Doctor told Sarah Jane not to forget him, and she responded by saying "No-one will forget you."
Me and Mom were in floods.  I don't know what we're going to be like when he actually goes.  I'm not thinking about it - David Tennant's Doctor CAN'T die, he's too amazing.  Seriously, I have never cried as much as I did at the end of Doomsday, where he said goodbye to Rose. Unless it was the end of Series 4, when he was left all alone, in the TARDIS, all rainstreaked. Me and Mom sat on the sofa, weeping helplessly, and my Dad came in and was just like "ugh. You two." For some reason he is surprisingly immune to DT's charm, wit and good looks.

Break my heart why don't you?

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