6 Aug 2009

Beware the Ides of March...

I'm going to see Julius Ceaser at the RSC Courtyard Theatre today. I love Shakespeare, and I love living in Stratford because it means I get to go and see it as often as I can afford (which will be more when I'm 16 and get £5 tickets.)

The last time I did Julius Ceaser was in my year 9 English class - and our group had to preform the "Brutus in an honourable man..." speech, where I was a pleb. I thought it was fab, and wonderfully political, so I'm quite excited about seeing the first half. We only studied he first act, though, so the second bit is a bit more of a mystery. I fear the worst - although I feared the worst with The Winters Tale and I loved that.

I've spent the morning reading the reviews, the folowing is from The Telegraph:

"Greg Hicks powerfully captures the mixture of grandiosity and fearful frailty that makes up Caesar's character, while Sam Troughton finds a similar ambivalence in Brutus, a genuinely good man fatally flawed by both self-righteousness and an inability to make the right decisions. John Mackay suggests both the chippiness and the emotional neediness of Cassius, and Darrell D'Silva is a superb Mark Antony, perpetually hung-over, bleary, overweight and a shameless rabble-rouser of an orator. The moment when he picks up a severed head, lying conveniently to hand on the battlefield, and casually throws it at Octavius Caesar as if it were a rugby ball, encapsulates the bitter, violent, blackly comic atmosphere of this production."

I can't wait.

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  1. didn't i play Marc Anthony in that rendition of Julius Caesar?? oh good times (: