27 Aug 2009


I've got my GCSE results!
Thought I was going to vomit this morning, but then I went up to school and discovered I had got:
A* English Lit (So, so happy)

A* English Lang (So, SO Happy)
A* History
A Science ( I didn't do a scrap of work in scienece all year, and crammed teh night before. You see hildren? This is where cramming gets you.)
A German (My teacher predicted me a B! No idea HOW I got an A, but thats not my problem!)
A Maths (hahaha, mean primary school teacher who told em I'd never get any kind of mark in maths!)
A Textiles
A Additonal Science (like a second, harder science qualification)
B Music (which I thought I was going to fail)

So, lovelies, I'm SO HAPPY!!! I cried a little bit. && I'm gonna be in the paper.

AND, it's my birthday tomorrow!!!

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