6 Aug 2009

I Come Not To Praise Ceaser, But To Bury Him.

That makes it sound like I didn't enjoy it, which is not true. I did, although it wasn't quite as OhMyGod-You-Must-Go-And-See-That good as I expected. It took me a while to get into it, but when I did I was impressed. It was a good staging of it, I, in my humble opinion, thought, although it was very dark and quite scary at times. & the stage was swimming with (very realistic) fake blood at the end.

I tell you what though, Sam Troughton was completely wasted on Robin Hood for 3 years! He was playing Brutus, and was hands down the best member of the cast. I just sat there thinking "Wow. This guy can act. What on earth was he doing playing second-fiddle to Jonas Armstrong on a Saturday Night TV Show?"

Not of course, that I have anything against Saturday Night TV, I'm one of it's biggest fans. Especially, especially Doctor Who. And I had a Robin Hood obsession during series 2 (Harry Lloyd, yum.) But anyway. Not the time.

So, to sum-up, it was good, but not amazing. I did love the way they staged the "Friends, Romans, Countrymen" speech, it was nothing like I imagined it.

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