23 Oct 2009

And It Was Good.

I have a purpose again.
I'm planning my gap year!  Well, actually, me and my freindling Amelia are planning our gap-year. 
I haven't felt so excited about something since I started at the Grammar school, which is sad.  Sometimes I sit in lessons and I think: "How has no-one noticed how miserable I am?"
We want to do two main trips.
The first one will start in February 2012 (I know, so long away, but the planning needed is incredible).  We are going to fly to Sweeden to see the Northern Lights.  At the moment the plan is to spend one night in The Ice Hotel, although there is talk of igloo's instead.  Then we will fly to Moscow (my darling Russia at last) and get the Trans-Siberia railway through St. Petersburg, across Siberia, through Mongolia and eventually down to Beijing.  We will see and do various exciting things along the way including:
Living with Nomad Horse Back riders in Mongolia,
Seeing the beautiful frozen Lake Baikal,
Getting drunk with the locals on the train (according to Amelia's sister who has done this route)
Dealing with Russian and Chineese border crossings.

That is TRIP ONE, and has a possible visit to Japan at the end if there is some money left.

TRIP TWO is focussed on Nunavut in Arctic Canada.  We want to go and spend a few weeks living with the Inuit people - something inspired by our mutual love of the Michelle Paver books, and looking at whales and sea-kayaking.  If you go there then you need to have shot-gun training, cuz of the polar bears.  Polar Bears are the only animals on earth to actually set out to kill and eat humans.  They can smell blood from 3 miles away.  We want to go there in June, to see the 24 hour daylight of the Arctic Circle - which will be incredibly mystical.   

Lots of money will be needed, but can you imagine how amazing those trips will be.  The life expieriance that I'll get from doing that...
I might even get to sort my life out.

These are my beautiful Northern Lights.

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