1 Oct 2009


I wrote to him, months ago, at christmas, telling him how much I loved his books (especially The Book Thief) and then never heard anything back.  Now, my email was long and adoring, as he is my ultimate writing inspiration of the modern age.  Seriously, if you've never read The Book Thief, buy it.  Infact, I'll buy it for you.  It will have you weeping so hard at the end.  God, it's truly spectatcular.

So, I didn't hear anything back, and then I forgot.  But THEN...

I logged onto my email this morning, and LOOK WHAT I FOUND:

Dear Charlotte,

I know this comes so so late, but...


I've been a bit of a recluse this year, writing and failing, failing more and writing more to get a new book done. And your email has really made my day. I'm so honoured that you would let me know what my writing means to you, and that you like the images especially. That's what I love most about reading and writing - seeing visions of things that give us the world in a new way.

All my very best and thanks for taking the time to let me know all those months agao.

I'm sorry.  Call me a wimp, but I burst into tears.  I mean, he's an incredible writer, and he said that I made his day.  And he's honoured I wrote to him.

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