8 Oct 2009

& I Said, What About Breakfast At Tiffany's?


For the first time since starting AGS, I have had some glimmer of why I'm there.  It also coincided with a bit of an epiphany on the Uni front. 
But, first to the day.
I got called back in history, (a subject which I've already been told my Summer Project was the best in the class (God, I'm such a little history nerd)) by Miss E, and she said that she wanted to use my first essay on The Coalition Government as an 'example of excellence' to the class.  Well.  I was pretty chuffed, but also a bit awkward, as no-one wants to be a real goody-goody on the first homework.  But then she asked me to make a bunch of changes for tomorrow so she could do it, and I thought, 'well, it wan't that excellent was it?'

But anyway, happiness there.  And then me and Wally were late for tutor 'cuz we'd been eating fairycakes at my house, and so when we went to apologise to our tutor, she told me that she'd read a peice of work I'd done for Language, that Mrs BS had given her, and that it was really good.  She called me a clever girl, (which was, actually, a little bit patronising.)  But still.  I finally feel like I'm making some kind of progress.

And then last night, there was a University Discovery.  I have no-go areas for uni:
I don't want to go to the North of England.
I don't want to go to Oxford or Cambridge (even if I did have a hope in hell of getting even close to the grades)
I don't want to go to London.
I don't want to go to Wales - cuz I don't really like the accent (sorrrryyyy)
I don't want to go to Scotland APART from Edinborough, which is second on my choices.
I don't want to stay close to home.

So really, it's not going to be very easy.  But, one place I've always wanted to go to is Exeter.  For one main reason:
JK Rowling went there.  For me, as you can see from above, that is a good enough reason to want to go, because I'm going to try and emulate her if I can.  Butttt, last night, my Dad discovered two more reasons that I should go:
1) They are 5th in The Sunday Times uni guide for English Lit (the course I want to do)
2) If you study Lit there, you spend the second year at an American or Canadian uni. 

Now, I LOVE America.  I want to live there when I grow up.  I've travelled around 46 states, and I'm doing the rest at Easter.  This would be a dream come true.  So, my Dad booked us a tour around the campus on Wednesday 28th October, so I can get a feel for it, cuz it won't be long till I start having to make big decisions.

As everyone keeps telling me.


This is a long post, and I will sign off now, as I have to go and interveiw my Grandad for my Language Coursework.  I'll let you know how it goes.

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