11 Oct 2009

Now Mother, what's the Matter?

Isn't it funny how the simple act of my Mother kinda yelling at me 'what have you done with the hairdryer?" can awake such beautiful memories in me.  I also think it's a testament to Shakespeare, David Tennant and my nerdiness that the first thing thst came to mind for me to say was the aforementioned Hamlet quote (see the title.)

I've just ordered my copy of the Hamlet DVD.  This means that I'll have seen David Tenannt in Hamlet 3 times live... and about 3 million times via my DVD player.  And I have the feeling that however many times I watch it, it will always be amazing.  Because his preformance was excellent.  He was funny and engaging and made me cry when he dies.  He made me fall just a little bit in love with Hamlet.  Ohhh....  Seriously, I can't beelive it's almost a year (on October 30th) that I last saw him in real life.  I queued at 7:30 in the freezing cold for two hours just to get that last ticket.  Previously, I'd seen him on my 15th birthday (August 28th) and Sepetember the 15th, with my fellow crazy-lover of him friend.  We met him that night.  He signed out programmes and spoke to us. 


I still get shivers.

On a similar note - today I'm going with the same crazy best friend to see Michelle Paver talk at the Cheltanham Litery Festival.  I'm excited.  She wrote my almost-faveourite books.  I'll update you later.

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