7 Oct 2009

We are not our Sorrows.

So says Nerina Pallot on her song "Human", from her new album "The Graduate."

God.  I knew it would be beautiful, after all, someone who wrote "Idaho", a song that made me sob because, when I first listened to it, it seemed to be me, in song form.  But, it really is very, very good. 

It's a bit more poppy than 'Fires', but I like pop, and it's meaningful pop - if you see what I mean.  I think my faveourite song is "Human", because I was in a really bad place yesterday, and I heard that song and it made me stop in my tracks, and lie on my bed and want to cry because it had made me feel so much more uplifted.  Seriously, the lines:

"We are not our sorrows,
We are not our scars,
No, we are only human,
This is what we are."

really, really struck a chord with me.  It helps that she also has a voice like no-one else's (in a good way.)

Another song I LOVED, was "When Did I Become Such A Bitch?"  It was amusing, and catchy, and I sang it all day.  At one point, my best friend turned to me in RE and said: 'You've always been a bitch, now shut up!" 
Ah, that's why I love her.

What I'm trying to say is, go out and BUY IT. 
Please.  I can promise you won't regret it.  And I did it legally, with a real-life CD again. 

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